Saturday, 13 April 2013


First Bojective:-

                         When the admisntration of country is abscent and there is nor rules and regulation in the country to run the day to day affairs of the country, prominent elderes from every region of the country are asked to constitute an assembly called Loya Jirgah. The eldres are people of good popularity and the strength in their respictive regions- These eleders come together to discuss the issues  ahead of the government amicably and the formation of the administrative institution acceptable to all the people of the country, 
             In 1809 Mirwais Baba called upon the people of the Afghan society -who were influential in their respective areas- they were assigned the objective to seek the unity amongst the people of th
e country, consolidation of the Mother Land and safeguard the independence of the country from foreign aggression. In the same manner in 1947 elders of every tribe and caste from all over Afghanistan- on the plateform of asupicious Loya Jirgah elected Ahmed Shah Baba  _The founder of Great Afghanistan- as the leader of the Afghans - and example of the modern Democracy-.

Second Objective:-

                               The newly constituted aministratin formed by the Loya Jirgah presents the drafted fundamental laws ( Assasi Qanoon) and policies of the government before the Loya Jirgah for discussion and approval,  again from each and every corner of the courntry the leders get toghther to discuss the drafted to discuss the drafted fundamental law and policies, After thoughtful and long discussion the drafted law and plicies are apporoved to make it the law of the land according to the Islamic Guidelines and terachings, This Law guaranties and protects the basic rights of all the people belonging to each tribe and sbutribe, religious minorities and every member of the society,

Third Objective:-

                          In the time of foreign aggression by the enemies of the nation, Loya Jirgah is called upon to discusee the ways and means of depending the country its people and independence, The Decision of the Loya Jirgah is acceptable to the Government of the Land, and The Government is abide by this decision,
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