Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Kabul Afghanistan beautiful city Informtion

Kabul Afghanistan
Kabul is the capital of Afghanistan 
and also capital of the kabul province, Built in 1770, which has 13 other districts, apart from kabul itself as district, according to latest estimates Kabul is overburdened with a heavy population of around 3,289,000 people, as the city was designed for only 300 000 people,
Historically Kabul has many places like Bagh e Baber,(Garden of Baber) where King Baber is buried, in the center of the Garden. And his Tomb surrounded by the Garden.People of Kabul and other tourists go to the Garden for Picnics and to spent lazy afternoons, Balla e Hisar, Mausoleum of Amir Abdulrehman Khan, are other historical places
There are place of interests like Garden of Chehlistoon, Pul i khishti Mosque situated in the center of the city, Tapa e Maranjan, Exotic golf course of Chaman e Huzoori,
But if we don't mention lake of Qargha it would be injustice to Kabul and its beauty, lake of Qargha is located to west of Kabul city, Only 9 KM from the city.
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