Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Rahman Baba Great Pashto Poet Biography History and Pic - Ghani Khan Legend Pashto Poetry Life Information and Photos

Abdur-Rehman Mohmand was a great Pashto language poet, He was born in 1653 and died in 1711. He has written a large number of Pashto Poems on deferent issues as well as on Pashto language, He has left a treasure of pashto poetry for the new generation of Pashto language. Pashtun called him Rehman Baba it's mean he is the father of Pashto poetry. Da Rahman Baba Dewan is a good work of him.
Ghani Khan was also a great poet of Pashto language, He died in 20th century, but has left revolution type poetry for Paskhtoon nation. He was the son of Khan Abdul Ghafar Khan and brother of Khan Abdulwali Khan. He was a brave poet of Pashto language and has written on every topic of life.

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