Wednesday, 13 April 2011

about Your complete guide to Afghanistan

The glorious land of Afghanistan needs no introduction. It is known for its people, culture, heritage and landscape. Located in South Central Asia, Afghanistan enjoys cold winters and hot summers. The multiethnic society comprises of the Pashtuns, Tajiks, Hazaras, Uzbeks, Aimaks, Arabs and others. Pashto and Dari are the two official languages of Afghanistan. There are also other languages and dialects spoken throughout the country. Afghanistan is synonymous with architectural extravagance and grandeur. It boasts of a range of historical monuments. The popular Minaret of Jam is a case in point. In fact, it has been touted as a heritage site by the UNESCO.

Buzkashi is the national sport of Afghanistan. Hound racing is also one of the popular sports. The Afghan Sports Federation runs the majority of official sports in Afghanistan. As far as its culture is concerned, Islam is practised by the majority of Afghanis. They are ardent followers of the Islam religion. They fast from dawn to dusk during the holy month of Ramadan; they are not supposed to eat, drink, smoke or chew gum during this period. Afghani women are traditionally responsible for household chores while men are the bread winners. Hospitality is an integral aspect of the Afghan culture. Persian poetry also forms an integral part of the culture.

Handshake is the most popular form of greeting in Afghanistan; some people also put their hands over their hearts and nod. However, men and women are never seen shaking hands with one another. They are not even allowed to speak directly in public. Eye contact is usually avoided between men and women. Women are required to dress appropriately to keep unwanted attention at bay; they dress modestly and conservatively.

 They are usually seen sporting a headscarf in public. Afghan men dress in traditional suits and shoes. So far as Afghani cuisine is concerned, it largely comprises of hand baked bread and meat or vegetable. Food is delectable and spicy. It is a unique blend of a variety of tasteful spices. Afghani cuisine is far from bland.

Guests are highly revered in Afghanistan. Expected and unexpected guests can both look forward to unmatched hospitality.
 Guests will never return hungry from an Afghani's house. As mentioned earlier, hospitality is an important aspect of the Afghani culture. It is a way of life for Afghans. As far as education is concerned, the curriculum is largely dominated by religious studies. There is not much emphasis on science, technology and literature.

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